Step inside this All American Philadelphia Home

philadelphia modern home
Private Residence in Philadelphia – Photography by Rebecca McAlpin
Join us today, as we stroll through this beautiful private residence in Philadelphia owned by interior and style enthusiast Nicole Cole. Using a combination of vintage pieces and modern seating she creates a cozy home environment that doesn’t feel too sterile or dated. In addition to the actual furniture pieces themselves, Cole makes use of well placed accessories and plant life to truly give the space a sense of personality and taste. Something that really stood out to us in the home was the use of planted tree branches, as opposed to flowers or traditional plants. Pictured above on the left, the tree branch in the artisanal vase really provides a lot of natural flare. The color palette of Cole’s home has an excellent sense of contrast. The muted and neutral colors of the natural wood pieces and flooring mixed with the eccentric jewel tones of the seating and accessories creates a nicely balanced space that doesn’t feel overwhelming or underwhelming. This concludes our home highlight, if you like content like this you can always follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date. Until next time! (PHOTOGRAPHY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – REBECCA MCALPIN)

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