General Terms

These terms and conditions are subject to all products sold. Client (hereafter referred as PURCHASER) agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in this document. L.A. DESIGN CONCEPTS (hereafter referred as LADC).

Prices are subject to change due to a result of data entry errors, omissions or manufacturer’s price increase. Additional charges could include all applicable charges for packing, insurance, handling, storage and uncrating. Furniture and lighting items under $5,000 require payment in full unless otherwise noted. Balances are due prior to our manufacturer’s releasing merchandise for shipping. We accept checks, e-check and wire transfers on furniture and lighting orders.

Fabric and wallcovering orders require payment in full. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, checks or wire transfers.  Custom (made to order) fabrics and wallcoverings must be paid in full by check or wire transfer to enter production.  

LADC or its suppliers shall retain title to all merchandise until the purchaser pays the full amount. When merchandise is ordered from a supplier that LADC has access to, LADC is acting only as an agent and full product liability rests with the supplier, not LADC if any issue should occur.  LADC will do everything in its power to resolve said issue on the purchaser’s behalf.

All quoted delivery dates are approximate and can change due to manufacturer’s estimated production time. Expected delivery date is based on receipt of purchaser’s deposit and approval of any fabric or finish sample.  LADC will not be held liable for manufacturer’s extended delivery dates. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine that entry doors, elevators, etc, can accept the size of the completed items. LADC is not responsible for delay in shipment or failure due to an act of God, war, riot, strike, fire, flood, storm, failure of delivery suppliers, transportation delay, or other causes beyond the control of LADC.

All sales are considered final. No returns or cancellation of merchandise will be permitted without prior written consent of LADC. Any authorized returns are subject to manufacturer’s restocking fee, which can be equal to 25% of the wholesale price” or greater. LADC’s mark-up is none refundable on any items approved for return unless approved in advance. Purchaser agrees to not reverse any credit card payments in case of shipping damage or any dispute and agrees to work directly with LADC to resolve any said issues.


The purchaser assumes responsibility for all specifications on custom products ordered and the proper installation of the product. LADC is not responsible for damage to this product or the location in which it is displayed and/or used resulting from its installation or misuse. Our responsibility eases upon consignment to the carrier. In case of damage, LADC will file a freight claim upon purchaser’s behalf. All merchandise must be thoroughly inspected by purchaser for freight damage at time of delivery. Any said damage must be documented on the delivery slip at this time or purchaser agrees to waive all rights and claims for damaged merchandise. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of merchandise sold subject to these terms and conditions of sale rests with purchaser. LADC and its suppliers bear no responsibility to purchaser for damage or loss occurring after merchandise has been shipped (e.g. damage or loss in transit, damage due to improper handling, etc.) Once merchandise has shipped, liability lies with the carrier. All merchandise is insured for its full “net wholesale value” during shipping to purchaser. 


Purchaser is advised to request a cutting for approval on current dye lot offered with an order. Cutting for approvals are only offered on orders of 3 yards or greater, unless otherwise specified on purchaser’s invoice.  If purchaser elects to waive cutting for approval, then purchaser has no recourse on dye lot received.  Purchaser or workroom is further advised to examine all merchandise immediately to be certain that it conforms to purchaser’s order. Purchaser bears entire risk of conducting such inspection of merchandise immediately and shall be deemed to waive any objection as to nonconformance of the merchandise to purchaser’s order. In the event of failure by purchaser to conduct said inspection, insofar as the nonconformance of merchandise to purchaser’s order may have been reasonably discoverable had such inspection taken place. All claims for defects and/or nonconformance of merchandise to the order therefore must be presented in writing seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the merchandise including digital photos to LADC. Such claim shall designate each and every defect and/or nonconformity, which is being claimed by the purchaser.  Failure to advise LADC of any claim for defect and/or nonconformity will constitute acceptance of the merchandise and/or waiver of any claims with respect to such defect and/or nonconformity purchaser may have against LADC and/or any supplier thereof.  Purchaser shall be entitled to make no claim whatsoever, nor will any return be permitted for merchandise which has been cut, hung, altered, treated, processed or had a finish applied (e.g. flame-proofing, water repellant, stain resistance, dye, etc.) or with respect to any special or custom orders. Upon proof of nonconformity or flaws, LADC will instruct manufacturer to send replacement fabric to purchaser at no cost. If replacement fabric is no longer available, then purchaser will be entitled to a full refund. 

Arteriors Products

Arteriors collections are handcrafted by artisans all over the world. Small irregularities in shapes, surfaces, and finishes are hallmarks of such craftsmanship and should not be considered defects. The actual items may vary in color from the photographs within our catalogs and sales cards. Specifications of individual items are subject to change and may differ slightly from those shown or stated.

Returns will be accepted on defective or damaged merchandise only. Initial shipping charges are not refundable. Your product refund will be processed at the time of receipt of the return.  We require that product be returned to us within 10 days of a return shipment call tag being issued.  In the event that there are errors in the prices, descriptions or images of certain merchandise, we reserve the right to restrict the return of those items. Purchaser agrees to not reverse any credit card payments in case of shipping damage or any dispute and agrees to work directly with LADC to resolve any said issues.