Upholstery Ideas – Unconventional Stripes

Stripes are Timeless

With a style that is as classic as they come, stripes have a rich history in all design elements through out time, and they are here to stay. However, as time goes on designers and stylists have come up with new ways to rework the traditional stripe into modern and intriguing applications. In today’s piece we’ll be highlighting a few different stripe iterations that are anything but basic. If any of the presented fabrics peak your interest, simply click the image or swatch to learn more.

Schumacher’s Iterations

The Wave – Schumacher Fabric
The Wave by Schumacher Fabric is a simple abstract print that depicts high contrast stripes in a rippled fashion. It’s not a complicated or intricate pattern, but the look of this fabric is truly eye-catching. Pictured is the chocolate colorway in a golden brown and light cream. For those looking for something more plain, there is a black and white rendition and a few others that will be linked below.

Flame Stitch

Valkyrie Flame Stitch – Schumacher Fabric
A flame stitch, which is another word for ‘Bargello’ means a type of embroidery in woven fabrics that produces a flame like effects to the striping colors. The Valkyrie flame stitch is an excellent example of this technique and a great way to incorporate some unconventional stripe related fabrics into your upholstery. Similar to a chevron pattern, this abstract mix of colors is very appealing to the senses. Keep an eye out for our trend highlights as we continue to highlight many different fabrics and designer wallpapers here on our blog. Until next time!

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