Vintage Wallpapers: Modernized with Sandberg

Ava in Blue/Green/Red by Sandberg Wallpaper

Vintage Style, Updated for the times

There’s something timeless and classic about vintage styling, the stories that are told within whimsical floral patterns and the feelings they leave at first sight. It’s this mindset that fuels the creative side of Sandberg Wallpaper. Using updated silhouettes and modern presentation of vintage styles, its amazing how fresh your cozy antique style interior space can feel utilizing their designs. Pictured above is the Ava wallcovering, using line less coloring the color blend and sway into each other perfectly for a soft blended look.


White Walls meet Vibrant colors

It’s easy to see the appeal in white walls, they feel open and refreshing as a surrounding. That’s why its even more refreshing to see new modernized takes on this look. In the wall mural below, delicate leafy foliage is scattered daintily across the wall, as the illusion of vines slowly work their way up the walls. For those into the extra nature-centric looks, this pattern is a pleaser.

Growing Garden Wall Mural by Sandberg Wallpaper

Grandiose and Large

Take everything endearing about a bouquet of assorted wild flowers, blow it up the size of your wall: this is floral murals Sandberg style. This type of style isn’t for everybody, but we can’t ignore how stylish this display of rose tones against dusky charcoal resonates.  If you love the Julie Wall mural, simply give us a call and we can order it for you. 

Julie Wall Mural – Sandberg Wallpaper

Asian Inspired

Whimsical trees and trails snaking across the walls in cool and calm palettes. Kenrokuen by Sandberg uses minimal white negative space to depict complex Asian patterns in a way that feels breathable. Pictured below, the navy and off white color scheme has a rustic vintage look to it but keeps it feeling new with the color disbursement. 

Kenrokuen in navy by Sandberg Wallpaper

Check out the Rest

You can easily shop and view the rest of our Sandberg Wallpaper selection by clicking here. We hope these vintage turned modern styles inspire you to create something beautiful in your home. Until next time. 

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